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admitted to the bar in the spring of 1870
. The same year he concerned Chanute then New Chicago and commenced to practice law with his bro Henry Clay Allen. Mr. Allen was clerk and treasurer of New Chicago from 1870 to 1872.

He was county attorney in 1876 and a member of the upper house of the legislature from Neosho and Wilson counties in 1885 and 1889. He was mayor of Chanute from 1882 to 1893 and was a member of the city board and board of education for a number of years. He helped choose McKinley, as a delegate to the convention
in Philadelphia in 1900. He was a club member of the Methodist church and helped in procuring a charter in 1871. In 1887 Mr. Allen ended up being president of the Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas Ry. Co. which built the Santa Cost cutoff from Chanute to Longton. In 1887 he ingauzed the first National Bank of Chanute and was president of the institution until 1902. In 1888 he was a delegate to the General Conference to the M. E. church at New york city. At the time of his death he was president of the Chanute Wholesale Grocery Co. For three years he acted as president of the board of trustees of Baker University. He was a charter member of the Chanute Post of the Grand Army of the Republic, and defended the union in Company F in the 136th Indiana Infantry. The Chanute Daily Tribune, Saturday, Sept. 12, 1914, Pg. 1 Volume XXIII, No. 136 R. N. ALLEN PASSED AWAY TODAY ______ DEADLY TERMINATION OF A. YEAR’S MAJOR ILLNESS. ______. FUNERAL SERVICE SERVICES. MONDAY AFTERNOON. ______. THEY WILL BE HELD IN M. E. CHURCH AT 3 O’CLOCK. ______. Body Will Lie There in State From. 2 to 3– Mr. Allen Did Many Things. of Great Value for City and. State During Useful. Profession. ______. R. N. Allen, founder of the First National bank, president of the company which affected the Santa Fe railway to

build its line from Chanute to Longton and a Chanute pioneer who had done much for the upbuilding of the city to
which he came
before it was arranged, died at 8:30 o’clock today at his your residence, 301 North Highland opportunity, after a severe illness of practically a year. Mr. Allen was seized with 2 attacks
of heart problem early this morning, the very first at 4 o’clock and the other two hours later. The 2nd proved deadly, and he continued to be subconscious for more than an hour before his death. Funeral service Monday. The funeral services will be held in the First Methodist church, of which he was a charter member and for which he had actually done much, at 3 o’clock Monday afternoon. They will be carried out by the pastor Clyde Clay Cissell. The body will lie in state in the church from 2 to 3 o’clock during which period his numerous friends will be given the opportunity of considering his face for the final time before his kind is drawn from among them. Company Houses Asked to Close. D. Bloomheart, president of the Business Club, and P. O. Bareis president of business Male’s Club, on behalf of these companies request that all company locations in the city close from 2:30 to 4 o’clock Monday afternoon, which all the members of the two clubs and business males generally meet at the town hall at 2:45 o’clock and go in a body to the Methodist church to attend the funeral service of Mr. Allen. First National to Close. The following notification was this afternoon posted on the door of the First National bank, which Mr. Allen was the creator. “This bank will be closed throughout the day Monday, September 14, 1914, on account of the funeral services of Mr. R. N. Allen, who
was an uncle of the president and the daddy of the cashier of the bank.”Mr. Allen organized the First National bank of Chanute in the year 1887 and was its president from its company up until 1901 and its devoted pal always. We mourn the loss and with deep respect close next.” THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK.”. Here Before Chanute Was. Mr. Allen had been determined with the city of Chanute since its beginning– prior to its
beginning, in fact, because from the time of its organization until its dissolution he was clerk and treasurer of the old town board of New Chicago, among the competing settlements that unified to form the present town. He was among the first citizens of New Chicago, and he and his brother, Judge H. C. Allen now of Indianapolis, Ind., were among the first lawyers to develop a practice here. They put up for their workplace building the first weatherboarded home in Chanute. It was just 14 by 18 feet in size and based on the corner of Main street and South Evergreen opportunity, where Mr. Allen consequently”put up a 2-story brick structure and where after retiring from the banking company twelve or thirteen years ago he again made his office. Graduate of DePauw. Mr. Allen was born in Putnam county, Indiana, November 26, 1846, where he received his early education. He went to DePauw University, from which he finished in 1869. He then checked out law in Greencastle, Ind., in the workplace of Williamson & Daggy– then a well known legal firm– and was admitted to practice at the bar in 1870. Mr. Allen remained in his native state simply enough time to try one case then came to New Chicago, which afterward became a part of Chanute, showing up here in June of 1870. He practiced law several years with much success then progressively wandered into the loan business finally giving up the profession for which he had initially trained himself and taking up financing. Founded First National. He was the creator of the First National Bank of Chanute which he organized in 1887. He had a controlling interest in this institution and was its president up until 1902, when he offered out his interest. He was also president of the Santa Fe Financial investment Company, which did much to advance the development of Chanute. The & Evergreen Park and the Evergreen Park Second Addition were platted by this company, also the Highland Park Addition. These are today amongst the most gorgeous and well settled parts of the city. Mr. Allen also organized the Chanute Ice and Light Business and was president and basic manager of this concern, which has actually been very effective in the thirteen-year career. He was also the owner of the Neosho Valley Creamery. Brought Railway to City. Another, and possibly the most crucial, contribution that
he made to industrial advancement of the city was the Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas Railway Business, of which he was president. This was organized by prominent and prominent people of Chanute and Fredonia to produce the building of the railway now understood as the “cutoff” from Chanute to Longton by way of Fredonia. After numerous interviews with the managing authorities of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company, he lastly induced that corporation to construct the road, and he had complete charge of getting
the right of way and of getting local and area bonds to assist the business in the cost of building. Served City, County and State. He had likewise served the people of Chanute and the state as a public officer.
He worked as mayor of the city from the spring of 1882 to the spring of 1893 and was a member of the city board and board of education for numerous years, serving sometimes when matters of fantastic value were thrown away in a manner that resulted greatly to the advantage of the city. He likewise served the county as county lawyer in 1876 and the “state as a member of the upper home of the legislature from Neosho and Wilson counties in 1885 and 1889. Helped Nominate McKinley &. He went to a majority of all the Republican state conventions in Kansas as a delegate, and in 1900 was a delegate to the National Republican convention in Philadelphia which picked William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt as the conventional bearers of the party.
He was also secretary, treasurer and chairman, successively, of the Republican congressional committee of the Third Kansas district throughout a duration of eight years, and had been chairman of the Republican central committee of Neosho county. Club member M. E. Church. Mr. Allen, right away after developing his house in the city of New Chicago, now Chanute, employed with the Christian people of the neighborhood and was a vigorous, energetic leader of the Methodist church, of which he was a member. He assisted in procuring
a charter June 24, 1871, and was a club member, and member of the board of trustees considering that its organization. He was a leader and director of the very first choir arranged for the church, and always enthusiastic for the business where he was engaged, a number of times being superintendent of the Methodist Sunday school, constantly faithful in his attendance at church service never neglecting a responsibility, and had actually held many respectable positions in the church, was a member of the general conference and numerous others, a member of the board of Baker University, acting as president of the same and was a trustee at the time of his death. His Word for New Buiding. He was constantly a leader in the higher enterprises and was the chairman of the building committee when the brand-new and present church was built as well as when other buildings were integrated in the city of the denomination to which he belonged however constantly concerned the brand-new church as the great and crowning effort of his church life. He remained on the facilities nearly continuously, caring for the small details. When financial commitments arose, the church naturally turned to him for suggestions and leadership, which was never ever doing not have, backed by his individual capability. Bishop Quayle’s Tribute. When fantastic ethical issues developed in the church or neighborhood it was not required to ask where he stood, for he was constantly in the right. It is due significantly to his energetic capability and Christian interest that the church at this time takes its high position
in the neighborhood. Bishop Quayle recently in conversation with a member of the Chanute Methodist church, remarked that he knew of no church that had had such beneficial leadership as the Methodist church of Chanute under the instructions of Mr. Allen and his co-workers. His Church Will Miss Him.” Patient and submissive through long suffering Sibling Allen has actually entered evictions of the Eternal City, “stated among his fellow church workers today.”Just the faithful can know how his church will miss him in the counsels, where his cheerful voice has actually been heard and heeded for the generation that is closing with his earthly trip. He was the last of the founders. “For his great and exalted endeavors he has actually acquired for himself the pearl of greatest cost,’a crown of glory.’Bro Allen has actually gone house, his voice is stilled, but his works and affects continue to be with the people to lead on to far greater victories.”. President B. U. Trustees. In 1888, Mr. Allen went as a delegate to the basic conference of that body in New york city City. For 3 years he was president of the Board of Trustees of Baker University, having actually belonged to that board”because 1886. He was a charter member of the Chanute Post of the Grand Army of the Republic, seeing service for” the Union in the Civil War as a member of Company F in the 136th Indiana Infantry. Ill Numerous Years. He had actually remained in illness for a number of years however made a galiant battle against his indisposition. It caused his retirement from the banking company, and a couple of years later on he made a journey
“to the Hawaiian Islands, the sea voyage being of great advantage to him. His condition had been critical regularly considering that February, but he conquered each attack with indomitable guts. Last summer he went to Colorado in hopes that the change of scene and climate would once again bring back him.
, but it failed to do so and he
got home a couple of days ago to pass away. His Household. He is survived by his widow, 3 kids– two children and a daughter– Miss Ora Allen. The sons are W. F. Allen, cashier of the First National Bank who started work in that institution when, as a lad, he was set by his father to doing tasks about the counting house, and James A. Allen, who is the junior member of the law firm of Jones & Allen.
His partner was previously Ada Wickard of Okeana, Butler county, Missouri. They were wed Might 16, 1878. Where Election Front-Runners Stand on Your Student Financial obligation This election, the problem is every bit as popular as women ' s reproductive rights, gun violence, LGBT equality, and environment change:
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