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If you are moving to the UK with your household, you want to 1st know about the country in detail. Then you need to gather information about education program In UK, to enable your children to join the best school.

Your young children need to be educated fulltime in the UK if they are between 5-16 years age category.

You can enroll your youngsters in 3 different varieties of schools in the UK. They are:

•  Local authority schools [Non-charge paying schools, which are funded by the public]
•  Independent schools [Fee paying schools- Might be boarding schools too]
•  National or International schools

Basic details to contemplate:

The school year starts by early September and ends in late July. There are totally three terms. The primary college week is from Monday to Friday and the timing is 08.55 to 15.15. The secondary college week is from Monday to Friday and the timing is 08.55 to 16.00. Around a single hour time is allocated for lunch. Most of the neighborhood authority schools provide lunch to the students for a quite minimal charge. Nonetheless, youngsters also can carry food to the school. Most schools need their students to wear uniforms. Transport may be totally free in some schools for students who are present far away from the college. All the other activities are pretty common amongst all types of schools in the UK.


English, science, Maths, and religious education, are the core subjects and history, technology, geography, art, physical education and music are the foundation subjects present in the national curriculum of UK. A foreign language is included for the secondary education.
Basic Certificate of Secondary Education [GCSE] is the main examination for secondary college students who had attained the age of 16. People who go on with schooling will write Advance Supplementary exams [AS Levels] the subsequent year and Advanced exams [A Levels] during their final year.

How to choose on a school:

It is extremely recommended to contact the Nearby Education Authority of the particular region wherein you are going to reside in the UK before deciding on a local school. You can get specifics about the Regional Education Authority from the regional council offices. You can then have a discussion with youngsters who study in a particular school and also with their parents. You can go to the college too. This particular method will support you to choose the greatest school for your kids.

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 Education in UK
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