Insurance Continuing Education – Elevation Certificates

An Elevation Certificate (EC) is mandatory on Post-FIRM construction, but is optional on Pre-FIRM construction.  It is required by the NFIP so that it can be certified by the NFIP as to the lowest floor of a developing so that the policy can be properly rated:


The EC is to be completed by a land surveyor, engineer or architect who is authorized to certify elevation information when it is essential for Zones A1-A30, AE, AH, A(with base flood elevations), V1-V30, VE and V (with BFEs). Community officials who are authorized to full this form might do so also.  For Zones AO and A (with no BFEs) a creating official, a house owner, or an owner’s representative could also give the data on this certification.  If the community is a CRS participating neighborhood, constructing elevation data could be offered through the neighborhood official.

The lowest adjacent grade and diagram quantity are essential for all new organization applications efficient on or right after October 1, 1997 if the elevation certification date is on or soon after that date.


Pre-FIRM building can be elevation rated using the Post-FIRM EC prices, which are a lot more favorable if the lowest floor of the developing is at or above the BFE for the community.  Typically, the lowest floor level of a Pre-FIRM developing is beneath the BFE, and it would not benefit the insured to spend the expense of the EC in an attempt to secure a later price, but this is an insured’s alternative.


The EC is optional on all Post-FIRM and Pre-FIRM building located in AR and AR dual Zones.  The choice to acquire an EC and to request Post-FIRM rating is at the discretion of the insured.  The EC involves the AR and AR dual Zone elevation specifications.

The producer is to attach the original of the completed EC to the Application.  A photocopy is to be forwarded to the policyholder and a copy is retained by the producer.

PHOTO Specifications

All new business application, including transfer of organization, for elevation rated risks with a policy efficient date of 1/1/07, or later, have to be submitted with at least two recent photographs that show the front and back of the building and are taken and dated within 90 days of the submission date.  If the constructing is a split-level or has multi-level places at ground level, at least two additional photographs displaying views of both sides of the constructing should be submitted.

This requirement applies to all renewal and endorsement transactions adding elevation rating effective on or soon after 1/1/07.

The photographs have to be submitted on the Creating Photographs type that is portion of the Elevation Certificate, and must include the date the photographs have been taken.  All photographs need to measure at least 3″ x 3″ and offer a great, clear image of the building’s distinguishing features.  Analog or digital photographs are acceptable.  Colour photographs are preferred.

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