Intercultural Education

As increasingly more internal company structures have actually been drastically transformed; generally in the communication and transportation technology. The need for worldwide interdependency has actually also enhanced resulting in business fighting to conquer an international market by getting an intercultural company.

There are numerous aspects to be taken into account when a business wants its business to be developed in foreign premises. The main concern when doing so would be intercultural differences. No matter how well you manage you company there will be intercultural misunderstandings, which will spark, in a regular basis.

The smart step to do then would be to present intercultural education or meetings to brief the staffs of their distinctions. Intercultural education doesn’t indicate we need to completely understand their faith or culture, however it is more like a guideline for the do’s and do n’ts of a particular race or culture.

Intercultural education or training sessions concentrates on helping a group to realize their distinctions and resemblances. Such locations like status, hierarchy, decision-making, conflict resolution, revealing emotion and eventually cultural relation structure. From this basis, teams are then tutored on the best ways to recognize future communication difficulties and their cultural roots molding them into ending up being more self-reliant. This would result in a more cohesive and efficient team.

When a business has a bulk personnel or customers with the exact same culture, their business can bring out smoothly without touching to much sensitive issue. However problems occur when the variety of a certain culture is being mistreated, primarily ethnic minorities. For instance in Malaysia: Governmental companies have a ratio of 60%~ 80% Malays, 10%~ 20% Chinese, 5%~ 8% Indian and just 1% for other cultures.

Such cases would cause absence of regard for each other, pushing away various ethnic groups and in the end bad work contribution. When leading an intercultural company, one requires to understand and care for the minorities, as a company is like a clock and for a clock to work properly it requires all the mechanical parts inside to work together not against each other. (Keep in mind the program “The Amazing”???)

Sure it is feasible that a company with a sole or one culture would work much better than an intercultural company. Trying having all your close pals to deal with you together, you ‘d get more cooperation and understanding as you do not have to discuss much all you need is a glare.

However that would otherwise disprove the need for worldwide interdependency. Sure, you’ll get more cooperation and understanding, however what about other markets and foreign territories? China is an exploding market and their doors are open, are you fit enough to go in as you are? Wouldn’t it be a much better idea if you were to send out a Chinese representative there, you’ll make more handshakes in a day as they are regional. India is also a large market, wait, you have an Indian staff go right on in. There are limitless possibilities for intercultural business; the only thing delegated do now is to have much better intercultural education with one another respecting each other while signing up with hand in hand to a thriving future.

Neil Payne is Handling Director at the London based consultancy Kwintessential. For additional information on their services please go to Intercultural Communication or London Translations

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 Intercultural Education
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