Is It Okay To Purchase A Taser For A College Student?

I am a firm believer that every responsible, able-bodied, law abiding resident having the right, if not the responsibility, to bring some kind of non-lethal self defense on them at practically all times. An university student on school is definitely no exception but I do feel that unique care and consideration be utilized when deciding simply which tool of self-defense be thought about. And to some degree which students ought to be permitted to carry such tools.

First off lets get this out of the way. If you have ever in your life been founded guilty of a crime than you run out luck. I do not believe you need to be allowed to bring any self defense weapons. Not pepper spray, not mace, not a stun gadget, absolutely nothing. You have actually shown through your prior actions that at some point in your life (and if youre a college student it had to be rather just recently) that you have the ability practice incredibly bad judgment. I don’t want you carrying anything that could be used as a weapon or hurting somebody accidentally since you are a numb-skull that does not know how to deal with such weapons in an accountable and safe manner.

For the accountable university student, especially women who find themselves strolling on campus alone during the night, I recommend a protective spray. Stun devices, specifically tasers, are an extremely touchy subject and for good factor. They are dangerous and in some rare cases have actually proven fatal. That concerns me significantly and I wont lie when I state I am contrasted when asked if I believe university student ought to be able to carry tasers as a method of self defense.

Lets first discuss just what a taser is. A taser is a stun gadget that works by shooting barbs, attached to wires, from the gadget. These barbs embed themselves into the assaulters skin (or clothing) and a non-lethal, high voltage current of electricity is travelled through the wires, into the opponents body causing the assaulter to lose neuromuscular control, for this reason rendering them incapable of further attack. That sounds as humane a treatment as any assaulter deserves in my viewpoint.

The issue is would remain in deciding which students would be permitted to carry tasers. I would have to admit that the bulk of guys I socialized with in college must not have actually had tasers and Im pleased they didnt. Im still pals with a number of them. Im not stating these kids were bad people but just a little goofy and didnt aways practice the best judgment at all times, as was the case with numerous of us in college. I could just see one of these individuals drunkenly asking to be tased as a sign of his drunken manliness. They didnt have criminal records though so if we were to make a clean criminal past be the only requirement for carrying a taser these kids would be greenlit to carry tasers and after that difficulty would naturally occur. It would just be too difficult to give the right to some and not to others.

Exactly what about the 18 years of age female walking on the school in the evening though? I securely beleive she must have the right, and the obligation to herself and those that love her, to bring something to protect herself with. Pepper spray works incredibly in stopping an attack and is non-lethal. A stun gadget like a stun gun works simply as well if not better. I am speaking about a stun weapon now not a taser. A stun weapon does not project anything. It simply has to reach the aggressor to do its job. Other than that its basically the exact same thing as a taser. Why I believe a stun gun is more appropriate than a taser for a colllege student has much to do with the whole projectile aspect of the weapons.

As a distributor of non-lethal weapons I am virtually embarrased that Im not more definitive about the subject of tasers on school however it is simply an extremely delicate topic that a person must stay open minded about and think about all angles and ramifications of prior to deciding to buy a taser for a college student.

Stay Safe.

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