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I seized the opportunity to play sports, and it taught me something I didn’t expect. By learning how to work hard and stay concentrated on my running regimen on the Edwin Denby High School track group, I also discovered how to stay concentrated on my research studies and strive to prosper in all aspects of my life. Participating in high school sports is exactly what taught me the value of team effort, commitment, determination and discipline.

Now that I am a successful businessman (I am the CEO of a private equity firm called Inheritance Capital Group), I attempt to influence the youths of the next generation. Among my efforts is tied to my love of running. The Robert S. Shumake Scholarship Relays (held every April in Detroit) represent my way of returning to my community and assisting young professional athletes attain their dreams– not just on the track, but in life also. I am so pleased of this event since we highlight academic accomplishment right alongside athletic capability. Leading scholastic scholars on each school’s group are offered unique acknowledgment and awards. We likewise award scholarship cash to all certified high school students from taking part schools. In reality, you’re just as likely to hear a professional athlete’s GPA revealed as they cross the surface line, as you are to hear their time.

The Shumake Relays is simply the pointer of the iceberg, however, when it comes to my work on education. My huge task right now is to create an innovative new charter school here in Detroit. My dream is to open a school that trains the CEOs of the future, offering kids not just a foundation for success in any realm, however a foundation particularly geared toward entrepreneurship.

Image a safe, forward-thinking public academy that teaches middle and high school students not only reading, writing and math, however financial acumen, property and business management with a conscience. That is the objective my proposed Robert Shumake Academy for the Advancement of Green Business and Realty in Detroit.

My vision is an academy to educate the next generation of leaders and prepare them to compete in an international economy. I think it is of critical value to have a school like this in Detroit, where students can take an exceptional opportunity to make their place at the leading edge of the new international economy.

We likewise prepare to concentrate on the new “green” economy. With all the billions of dollars in green company out there, envision kids finding out ways to start companies focused on solar and wind energy, and socially conscious living. Green technology signifies the times and our future economy will hinge on green companies and green property. Why would not we wish to prepare our children to be successful in this new financial landscape?

To provide you a better idea of exactly what the Shumake Academey would be like, here are some of the tenets of the suggested school’s curriculum, based upon the award-winning Kipp Academy of Houston, and written utilizing a $ 500,000 grant from the Michigan Department of Education:

1)The Shumake Academy will have flat screen TVs relaying Bloomberg News in the hallways, a Wall Street Journal in every classroom and a laptop computer on every desk.

2)We will partner with significant corporations, inviting CEOs to forge relationships with students and take part in their education. Students will serve internships at these exact same business, and earn college credits before they graduate.

3)The curriculum at this charter academy will not be simple. Parents will need to sign an agreement stating their support of longer instructional days and necessary summer classes, however I really believe this is the only way to prepare students for success in our ever more competitive world.

The school’s objective is in keeping with my own on-going objective making education accessible to minority youths as a path to monetary success and empowerment. After all, education is constantly the foundation for wealth, however entrepreneurship is how you develop it.

One last

thing I want to share on the subject of education. I just recently had the opportunity to travel to Ghana and deal with the KENO (Kid Business owners Need Opportunities) Micro-Fund. We were dealing with the Minister of Education on an effort to assist keep rural kids in school longer. We found it costs $ 500 to send out one child to school for one year. I have set a personal goal to raise the funds to “embrace” 100 kids and pay for their education. But in addition to simply sending them to school, KENO would likewise teach these kids about entrepreneurship. As I have actually mentioned often times, entrepreneurship is among the most essential ideas a child can find out, because the abilities included will assist them in every aspect of your life.

Robert S. Shumake

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Creator, Robert Shumake HBCU Obstacle

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