Undergraduate Study Cost Comparison of Many Countries

With the fast improvement of Chinese economy, far more and a lot more families plan and program to send their children to go abroad for additional study, nonetheless, the charges of an education become one of critical variables which parents take into account, below is undergraduate study expense comparison of all countries.

First name: the United States

American universities charging common difference is larger, each and every state except a private university outdoors also has a lot of public universities, which also has numerous popular brands. Ordinary private university degree course yearly tuition is about 1.7 million – two.4 million dollars, elite private universities are more than three million dollars. The general American public universities charge each and every year, much less than private college tuition for about $ 1.4 million .9 million. Amongst them, the tuition according to skilled diverse is not the exact same.

So, go to the United States study 4 years undergraduate course, tuition costs and charges, for the total cost of living is about 178400 dollars ($ 75,000-54.75 million – 130.23 million yuan).

Second: Canada

Canadian universities are all public, so controlled the government controls the charging cost. Formulating the tuition standard in the schools are primarily on the basis of urban land, artificial and price level The school’s scale, facilities and other complete operation expense Specific expert teaching need to have additional expense The provide and demand and recruit students degree. Undergraduate stage typical studying time is 3 to four years. According to circumstance that years of time students apply for a Canadian undergraduate tuition, there will be modifications. Various disciplines are about 7 million to 12 million yuan RMB.

To go to Canada read undergraduate course graduation, three years cost is 33 million – 66 million yuan, 4 years costs needed for graduation is 44 million – 88 million yuan.

Third: Japan

Tuition charges: university undergraduate education i.e., national university tuition costs is typical of 75 million yen, public universities and private universities is 86 million yen and 100 million yen Quick-term university, national is 51 million yen, public is r 56 million yen, and private is 115 million yen. Above is refers to the tuition, the initial year from the second year, since no longer paid-in tuition, so yearly tuition will be 30% reduction in the initial year.

Taken with each other, study of Japan’s annual expense is about 180 million yen, quantity to 15 million yuan RMB. Japan permits international students to function, therefore can resolve element of living costs.



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