USA Student Loan lenders

Studying in overseas is expensive and many students struggle to fund their international studies. Scholarships and grants are available but they are very competitive and rarely cover all the expenses.

Lenders provide better terms for better credit history. Lenders that hold the most loans accomplish this either by buying the loans directly from originators, by originating the loans themselves and not reselling them or by consolidating a lot of loans held by other lenders. Students like to take secure loans .Private student loan lenders such as banks and credit unions. Apart from scholarship grants and federal student loan private loan has become most popular among the students as it is easily available.

Some Student loan lenders are:

  1. Wells fargo – It is a national bank that offers students.
  2. State owned bank of north Dokota – This bank gives both private student loans and student loan refinance at very low rates.
  3. Credit union student choice – A graduate repayment option is available when the loan entre repayment. No co-signer is required for credit worthy students. Borrowers may choose full deferment while in school elect to make interest only payments in school or choose full principal and interest payment. 0.25% interest rate reduction on auto – debit.
  4. Citizens Bank – It is a trusted reputed bank and commits to support American dream.
  5. Acumen Student Loan – 1% interest rate reduction once borrower has paid 10% of the principal balance. Co- signer is released after 24 months of on – time principal and interest payment. 30 days no –fee loan cancellation policy.
  6. Charter one – 0.25% of interest rate reduction on existing customer and on auto making payments from any bank account. Co-signer releases after making 36 consecutive on – time payments of principal and interest. Loan is forgiven in the unfortunate death or permanent and totally disabled students.
  7. Commerce Bank – The interest rate may be up to 0.50% for students who apply with credit worthy co –signer. There are three repayment options for students attending degree – granting intuitions. Interest repayment, fixed repayment and deferred repayment. Co – signer is released after graduation and making 12 on – time principal and interest.
  8. Sofi Inc – It is funded by alumni investor, 0.25% of interest rate reduction for auto – debit.

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