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. What is a college student to do if they have back to back finals however they cannot seem to keep their eyes open from studying? Anyone might state the usual, ‘he or she need to have studied harder or they had an entire term to study. ‘ The student has many options to remain awake such as no-dose and the usual — 10 cups of coffee from the local café with extra shots. But these options might back fire. The very best advice is to eat right, workout and take a muli-vitamin.

. Vitamins can help a student as they prepare to deal with the world and the lots of pressures it brings. The worst thing for a student to experience is a bad cold or a virus throughout finals. All the cold and flu medicine on the planet will not cure in time for the finals, particularly if it is just a couple is a large variety of vitamins and anti-oxidants that can combat sickness and infection.

. All students need to be alerted about taking excellent care of their bodies all year round. It is really frustrating to hear someone coughing and sneezing uncontrollably, specifically taking a test that can affect ones future. The following details is a listing of healthy vitamins.

. An individual who has a correct well balanced diet and takes vitamins will be more alert and productive than someone who disregards taking care of their health. It is ensured that a person who remains in school full-time and in the middle of a crash research course is most likely to either do inadequately or mediocre on their examinations. They are also more than most likely to be short tempered to anyone. The best thing to do is prepare and prepare ahead of time so that you have adequate time to study.

. Vitamin C guarantees excellent health and resistance. The VC is an exceptional supplement for those with colds. Vitamin E likewise enhances an individuals total physical health along with heart and immune functions. The following details consists of a couple of tips on ways to properly utilize vitamins.

. -Make sure that you call your doctor prior to using any type of vitamin supplement. Your physician will suggest the right supplement for your physique.

. -Do n’t take your supplements with coffee. It is recommended that you take your supplements with water or a caffeine free fruit juice such as orange juice.

. -Do not take vitamins on an empty stomach. Ensure you have a light meal or treat before taking your vitamin supplement.


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 Student Health Vitamins
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deans officeand associated responsibilities. The college will begin its sped up program for thecoming session on July Sixth, the scholastic year beingdivided into three quarters of eleven weeks each with twoweeks getaway durations in between quarters. This wUlpermit students in the schools of medicine, dentistry andpharmacy to finish in three calendar years insteadof 4. The yearly Stuart McGuire speaker for the session 1941-42 was Dr. John B. Youmans of Vanderbilt University.These lectures were integrated with the postgraduate clinicson May 7th and 8th. The U. S. Army health center device of the college, understood asGeneral Medical facility 45, has actually been ordered to active duty.Lieutenant Colonel Powell Williams, associate professorof medicine at the college, recently was successful LieutenantColonel Carrington Williams, professor of cUnical sur-gery, as device director. Miss. nne Parsons, associate pro-fessor of nursing, will head the nursing personnel of thehospital device. June, 1942 SOVTBBRN MEDICINE & & SURGICAL TREATMENT 365

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VITAMINS FOR THE MEDICATION SHY There are ever so lots of clients, adults along with children, who actually require vitaminsupplements but avoid the typical fishy preparations, or certainly anything thatis even suggestive of medicine. Cal-C-Tose Roche was established for just that type ofpatient. While Cal-C-Tose contains charitable amounts of 5 necessary vitamins (A, Bi, B2, C and D) together with dibasic calcium phosphate and other important minerals, it carries no recommendation of medication. Contributed to milk it makes an abundant, appetizing,chocolate-flavored, malt beverage that is bound to please any medication shy patient– and because of its appeafing taste, Cal-C-Tose encourages an enhanced daily consump-tion of milk in those who might dislike it. Cal-C-Tose is deUcious served either as ahot chocolate or as a cold, refreshing milkshake. Supplied in 12-ounce and 5-poundcontainers … Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc., Roche Park – Nutley, New Jersey SHOT CAL-e-T0SEUR nOCHf fOK THAT ISSUE PATIENT SOVTBERN MED

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