Eligibility Criteria

Basic Eligibility Criteria For Student Loans in USA

Studying in abroad is dream for many students. It is very expensive and many students struggle to fund their international studies. Scholarships and grants are available but they are very competitive and rarely cover all your expenses. To fulfill the dreams, students have to go for loans and struggle hard to meet the criteria.

The Eligibility criteria for fulfilling the loan application:

  1. Students who are not U.S. citizens or non – citizen permanent residents and the students who attend an eligible US college or university.
  2. Students are required to have a credit worthy Co – Signer, who is a U.S. citizens or a non – citizen permanent resident. Students who are not a U.S. citizen or non – citizen and those who are attending schools outside the US are not currently eligible for loan.
  3. International Loan programs are for those students who are studying in the United State from other countries of the world.
  4. For US students studying abroad.
  5. Loans are not available for international students studying elsewhere in the world, even with a US Co – Signer.
  6. Must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an eligible degree or certificate program as a regular student.
  7. Not in a default on any educational loan and do not owe a loan at any institution.
  8. Not have been convicted of certain drug offenses.
  9. Students should be enrolled at least half – time in an accredited academic program.
  10. Should have a social security number.
  11. Students should have exchange visitors visa.
  12. Students who will receive an outside scholarship to apply towards their education should provide a copy of the award letter to the office from the awarding foundation.

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